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WallArt Presents To Trendy And Eco Friendly 3D Wall Cover

Wondering how to dress up your walls? Here is a modern, eco-friendly solution, innovative 3d wallcover that actually make your walls pop out. Walls can be dressed up in a wide range of patterns, depending on the vibe u want to get.

These WallArt 3d wall-cover and 3d wallpanels from MyWallArt come in different shapes and are made out of the fibrous residue of sugarcane also called bagasse. If u feel your walls need a dynamic, 3-dimentional appearance to compliment your interiors, then these 3d wall-tiles are the perfect solution.

Available in 20 unique designs, the 3d wall-cover are shipped worldwide, so if u find them perfect for your home and decide to install them, u should share with us the final result and your opinion.

The 3d wallcovers from WallArt can be used for the walls of your home or at the office!
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